Thai transwoman betrayed by friend and caught in Hong Kong cannabis bust

Photo via Facebook/ Pat Catty

A Thai man allegedly betrayed a transwoman friend by hiding cannabis in her luggage, leading to her arrest in Hong Kong. More than 30 other victims of the Thai man came forward to expose his fraudulent behaviour.

The Facebook account, Pat Catty, shared a story of her transwoman friend on January 25 and urged netizens to be aware of a deceiving Thai man, identified as Get. The Facebook user accused Get of tricking her transwoman friend named Cindy into smuggling cannabis into Hong Kong.

According to her Facebook account, Cindy planned to visit Hong Kong to pray at several temples. Get invited Cindy to go with him instead of her mother and Cindy agreed.

At the check-in desk before departure, Get asked Cindy to carry his luggage, claiming it was overweight. Cindy agreed and allowed Get to put his bag into Cindy’s. At Hong Kong Airport, Get did not wait for Cindy and went straight to immigration.

Get was welcomed into Hong Kong while Cindy was taken away for questioning by the authorities after they searched her belongings and discovered 2 kilogrammes of cannabis.

Cindy tried to prove her innocence, saying the bag belonged to Get, but the process of proving her innocence was difficult. Hong Kong officials cancelled Cindy’s return to Thailand and asked her to wait for an impending court hearing.

Cindy later realised that she was deceived and sought help from her family in Thailand. Cindy is now in prison and has to wait for three months for her court hearing. Her friend added that Cindy’s mother managed to obtain a CCTV camera to prove that Cindy was not the owner of the bag but it was not clear whether the footage would help.

More victims

After Cindy’s story was picked up by several news agencies, some 30 victims deceived by Get created a Facebook page to expose his criminal history and issue a warning to others.

According to details disclosed on the page, Get meticulously curated a favourable persona portraying himself as a prosperous businessman. He actively engaged with social media influencers and other notable figures to bolster the credibility of his fabricated identity.

Some of his past criminal activities shared on the page include swindling money from a Korean victim, running a fraudulent flight booking company, using a fake receipt to pay for a million-baht service at a host club, etc.

According to the Facebook page, Get was later arrested by Hong Kong police and is also awaiting a court hearing in the next three months.

Channel 3 reported that growing, producing, selling, supplying, possessing, importing or exporting cannabis in Hong Kong carries a fine of up to 5 million Hong Kong dollars, or about 23 million baht, and up to life imprisonment.

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