Thai pro car racer fined 1,000 baht for writing-off Ferrari worth 25 million baht in Bangkok

Photo via PTT Lubricants Inforlife กาก้า ณวินท์ ยาศรี

A skilled professional car racer faces a 1,000 baht fine after smashing a friend’s precious red Ferrari worth 25 million baht (US$695,000) into a tree in Bangkok yesterday. The driver, Nawin “Gaga” Yasri, was sent to hospital with a back injury while the expensive car is a write-off.

An officer from Don Mueng Police Station rushed to Phahonyothin Road in Bangkok to pull Gaga from the wreckage of the destroyed Ferrari F8 Tributo.

The 44 year old racer lost control of the vehicle and crashed the car into the tree making it fall onto the luxury Italian sports car. Gaga was hurt and trapped inside. He was later sent to Paolo Kaset Hospital for treatment.

The 25 million baht opulent car was reported to belong to Gaga’s friend, Weerakard Dokchan, who is also a car racer and owner of the World Pump (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

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Gaga said that he was about to turn right into a petrol station but the car skidded on the road and hit the tree.

Siamrath reported that Gaga would face a fine of up to 1,000 baht for driving recklessly.

The investigating officer told the media he would question Gaga again after he recovers from his injury to find out whether he violated any other laws.

Gaga is a leading professional motorsport racer from the Puma Inforlife Team PTT.

A Ferrari F8 Tributo generally retails at about US284,000 in the United States but with all of the import costs, the price has doubled. All at The Thaiger hope Gaga’s friend, Weerakard, is very understanding.

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Nawin “Gaga” Yasri

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