Thai Prime Minister acts swiftly on northern region’s escalating flood crisis

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Srettha Thavisin, Prime Minister of Thailand, initiated immediate action yesterday in response to the flood crisis in numerous provinces in northern Thailand. The floodwater from the Yom River is expected to exacerbate the situation downstream, particularly in provinces such as Sukhothai and Phitsanulok.

Reports of flooding were received from several northern and northeastern provinces, including Phrae and Phetchabun, where significant flooding led to widespread evacuations after a night of heavy rainfall. The Thai PM stressed the importance of rapid action by state agencies, notably the Ministry of Interior, to aid victims and provide flood relief, stated government spokesperson Chai Wacharonke.

Deputy Prime Minister Somsak Thepsutin has been assigned to oversee the flood response, which is being coordinated by the Ministry of Interior and the Ministry of Transport. The department anticipates continued flooding for at least another day or two in several parts of the north and northeast, especially in Sukhothai and Phitsanulok where an overflow from the Yom River is predicted to inundate more communities, Chai shared.

To alleviate the situation, the Royal Irrigation Department is working tirelessly to divert as much floodwater as possible into the Nan River. This will help reduce the volume of northern run-off set to impact provinces downstream of the Yom River.

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In the province of Phrae, the local government underscored the need for high alert and preparedness for further flooding with all district offices and local administration organisations. Heavy rainfall persisted yesterday, causing flooding and necessitating evacuations in multiple areas.

The floodwater reached several regions of Den Chai, Long, Sung Men, and Mueang districts, submerging many homes and roads. A significant number of vehicles were damaged by the powerful currents, especially in the Mueang district, where floodwater levels continued to rise yesterday.

In Mae Hong Son, rescue workers cleared large trees and power posts that had fallen onto the road in Mae Sariang district during the heavy rain. Meanwhile, Defence Minister Sutin Klungsang rushed to Udon Thani province, where two districts, Phen and Si That, were getting flooded. He confirmed the deployment of numerous military medical teams to the affected areas to ensure victims receive proper care, Bangkok Post reported.

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