Blackpink’s Lisa to receive Thai cultural ambassador award for promoting local culture

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Announced earlier this week, Lalisa Lisa Manoban, a member of the globally renowned K-Pop group Blackpink, is set to receive a prestigious cultural ambassador leader award from Thailand’s Culture Ministry.

The celebrated singer, who hails from Buriram, has been recognised for her significant contributions to promoting Thai culture on an international stage.

A grand and formal ceremony is on the horizon, set to grace the hallowed halls of the Thailand Cultural Centre next Tuesday. It is on this auspicious occasion that the 26 year old, an international sensation, will be bestowed with the prestigious Wattanakunathorn Award.

This event is not just any ordinary celebration, it synchronizes with the founding day of the Culture Ministry itself.

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The award, in its essence, symbolizes the profound recognition of Lisa’s extraordinary role in harnessing her global influence to elevate Thailand’s cultural and economic standing on the world stage.

Pioneering artist

Culture Minister Sermsak Pongpanich, in his heartfelt statement, extolled Lisa’s exceptional attributes. Her unique style and cultural expressions have become pioneering trends that resonate not only with her Thai compatriots but also with a worldwide audience.

Her influence has transcended mere economic impact. It has served as a catalyst for the surge in demand for locally produced goods.

Minister Pongpanich further articulated how Lisa’s mode of expression could be considered a manifestation of soft power, a remarkable force that stirs the hearts of cultural enthusiasts and tourists alike. It stimulates cultural tourism, infusing vibrancy into local communities and bolstering their financial prospects.

One can unmistakably witness Lisa’s profound cultural impact through her maiden solo venture, aptly titled Lalisa. The accompanying music video served as a cinematic canvas for Buriram’s Phanom Rung Stone Castle and the exquisite craftsmanship that Thailand boasts.

This global showcase has, without a doubt, propelled Thai culture to new heights.

Lisa’s influence doesn’t stop at artistic expression, it extends to tangible economic gains as well. Her endorsement of the traditional golden headdress featured in the music video prompted a surge in online orders, showcasing the power of her global reach.

Additionally, her support for Buriram’s standing meatball business catapulted the local cuisine to international recognition, a testament to her influence in culinary domains.

At this year’s grand ceremony, Lisa will join the ranks of 226 distinguished recipients of the illustrious Wattanakunathorn Award.

These recipients, spanning a diverse range of ages, all share a common commitment: the unwavering dedication to promoting and preserving Thailand’s rich cultural heritage for generations to come, Bangkok Post reported.

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