Police pursue ‘Quick Win’ transformation: Thai force targets efficiency and trust

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The Royal Thai Police have launched a fast-track programme, Quick Win, focusing on five key areas to transform the police force into a more efficient and trusted organisation. The spokesman for the National Police Office, Aachayan Kritong, revealed the initiative today.

Aachayan explained that the National Police Chief, Torsak Sukwimon, recently briefed the entire force via video conference on the new direction for the police force, aligned with the government’s policies. The vision for the force is to be a trusted, globally standardised crime-fighting and law-enforcing organisation.

The Quick Win strategy focuses on five areas for rapid and tangible improvement under the concept of Police’s Home, which includes personnel, systems, welfare, unity, justice, communication channels within the organisation, and creating a good image of the police force that the public can trust.

Specific initiatives under the Quick Win strategy include the Return of Time to Police, which aims to reduce the workload of investigative officers and unnecessary paperwork within one month and to cut down meeting times, to allow police officers to devote more time to public service.

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In addition, the Return of Police to the Public initiative will cancel orders for police officers to assist in administrative matters, focusing their duties back on the police station.

The Police Welfare initiative aims to reduce the costs for new police officers and junior police officers in their accommodation arrangements.

Safety Initiatives

Furthermore, the “fairness, unity and creating communication channels in the organisation” initiative aims to establish a two-way communication system, both online and offline, for police officers who may be treated unfairly to lodge complaints, give tips, and voice opinions.

Lastly, the Building Image and Trust for the Public initiative will continue the Doing Good, Receiving Rewards project of former National Police Chief, Damrongsak Kittipraphat, to create Police Heroes within the organisation.

Aachayan affirmed that these initiatives can be implemented immediately and the results can be seen quickly. Even though these may seem to be small steps, they are crucial towards achieving the goals of the National Police Office, reported KhaoSod.

Damrongsak added that they will administer with honesty and integrity, prioritising the public and the National Police Office interests.

“We are committed to implementing policies to maintain peace, enforce laws, provide justice, and assist in national development, as instructed by the prime minister, for the well-being of the public and society.”

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