Thai millionaire allegedly murdered to settle 30 million baht debt

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Police continue to investigate the death of a Thai millionaire in the central province of Chantaburi. The dead woman’s sister harbours suspicions that her sibling was murdered in connection to a 30 million baht debt settlement.

The dead body of the 77 year old woman, named Panithi Kosalanan, was discovered in a pond within her fruit plantation in Chantaburi on Monday, January 22. Her body started to decompose and it was anticipated she died three to four days before her discovery.

Officers discovered wounds across her body but could not determine the exact cause. Evidence of physical assault and murder was indicated by low water levels in the pond, ruling out drowning, and broken ribs from an attack. Her body remains at Phrapokklap Hospital for an autopsy.

Panithi’s body was discovered after her siblings could not contact her. A friend, 71 year old Somsri, who lived nearby was asked to check on Panithi. The friend called her from outside the house but received no response. Somsri then looked for her friend on the plantation and spotted her body in the pond.

Inside Panithi’s house, no signs of struggle or theft were found. Lights and a rice cooker were left on. Her valuables were untouched but security camera data and some documents were missing.

Moreover, over 30 million baht vanished from her bank accounts. Panithi was a millionaire and never had any history of financial issues but only a nominal amount of money was left in each of her bank accounts.

Suspect arrested

One of Panithi’s younger sisters, 72 year old Ratcha Rat-arsai, reported to police that her sister often lent money with interest. Ratcha had warned her against such risky transactions, knowing Panithi had enough for daily living without resorting to loan offering.

Ratcha revealed that she was aware of someone borrowing money from her sister, pledging to reimburse the loans with a substantial interest rate. Although she did not know the exact time her sister extended the funds to that individual, she believed the amount exceeded 30 million baht.

Makham Police Station officers guessed that the motive behind the murder might be linked to Panithi’s property. The primary suspects included Panithi’s seven siblings and her employers, yet no incriminating information came to light.

Matichon reported that officers discovered a suspicious motorcycle, a black Yamaha Filano, which might have been used by one of the murderers yesterday, January 24. At the time, officers managed to arrest a suspicious Thai man and took him in for questioning. The interrogation details have not yet been made public.

Authorities continue to piece together the events surrounding Panithi’s tragic demise.

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