Mystery shrouds millionaire model Yoko’s death: Suicide or foul play?

The death of Praowrawee Sahasathapong, commonly known as Yoko, a millionaire model, continues to be shrouded in mystery. Recently, Police Lieutenant Colonel Wittawat Chinkham of the fifth precinct confirmed the initial theory of suicide, following the discovery of cyanide and a farewell message. However, Yoko’s mother remains unconvinced of her daughter’s self-inflicted death.

On November 1, Yoko’s body was discovered. The autopsy revealed the presence of cyanide. Today, Witthawat announced that Yoko’s mother would meet with the police at Khlong Tan Station at 9am on January 17. The details of the case are being kept under wraps until after this meeting.

Initial investigations point to suicide due to the evidence found at the scene. One bottle of cyanide and several pills used to treat depression were found inside a safe. Preliminary blood tests showed a cyanide concentration of 1.26 micrograms per millilitre. This amount of poison, if ingested, can cause death within 30 minutes.

Witthawat also revealed that Yoko’s mobile phone showed a farewell message to her boyfriend typed at 8.56am, and a search for cyanide on a specific app. The CCTV footage from the condominium did not show Yoko leaving the condo or anyone entering before her death.

There are questions regarding the timing of Yoko’s arrival at the hotel and her usage of the lift at 6.43am on October 31. Subsequent footage at 7.20am shows her walking into the hotel, but it is unclear if she was on the sixth floor where she resided. Despite the journey to her room typically taking less than five minutes, there is a time gap of 33 minutes in the footage, raising doubts about a possible time discrepancy or missing footage.

On this issue, Witthawat refrained from commenting, stating that there is an explanation which will be clarified to the family. Yesterday, Yoko’s boyfriend and his lawyer met with the police at Khlong Tan Station at 10pm to provide information and to confirm his previous statement. The bruises found on Yoko’s body were attributed to frequent arguments and struggles between the couple.

This case remains under investigation and further details are expected to be revealed following the meeting with Yoko’s family, reported KhaoSod.

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