Love as ripe as durian: Thai man weds Burmese woman, claiming a 300 year old destiny

A 49 year old Thai man and a 19 year old Burmese woman tied the knot in a ceremony in Tha Sae District, Chumphon Province, Thailand. The couple, who met while selling durian at a market, believe they were destined to be together, tracing their bond back to a past life 300 years ago.

The groom, a Thai durian trader, had a dream involving King Taksin, leading him to believe that he and his now wife were military companions under King Taksin in a past life.

On Saturday, January 20, the wedding ceremony took place at 52/4 Ban Na, Mueang District, Chumphon. The groom, Thanapat Thada Thanadechachote, also known as Aod Thai Chim, was joined by his bride, Sondar Cho, also known as Nong Fa. The groom’s parents, Sompong and Jamnong ThaiChim, and the bride’s parents, So and We ma Oo, took part in the ceremony.

The groom, dressed in dark brown traditional Thai attire, and the bride, adorned in a white Thai silk outfit, were surrounded by relatives and friends from both families. Remarkably, the bride’s Burmese relatives were dressed in their national costumes, making the event a rare cross-cultural celebration in Chumphon.

The ceremony started with a religious ritual in the morning where the couple made merit by offering food to Buddhist monks. After the merit-making ceremony, they had their foreheads marked, donned auspicious threads, and had garlands hung around their necks by their parents. Wishes were made for the newlyweds to have a prosperous and loving life together.

Groom’s proposal

Thanaphat, the Thai groom, mentioned that he met his wife at the Tha Sae District market. Despite initially not knowing she was Burmese, he proposed to her straight away. On the other hand, the bride, Fah, was initially sceptical when proposed to, but soon fell in love with him. She asserted that their different nationalities would not pose any barriers, as their families are supportive of their union.

The groom further shared that he had a dream of King Taksin asking about his wife. A few days later, he met his now-wife selling durian at the market. He firmly believes this was more than a coincidence, asserting that they were destined to meet again in this life after being separated by death 300 years ago when they were soldiers under King Taksin’s reign.

The evening reception saw a large number of guests from both sides, including Burmese relatives and friends, partake in the joyous occasion. There were Thai traditional dance performances as part of the celebrations.

The groom’s father, Thanaphat Thai Chim, 71, expressed his happiness for his son and his Burmese daughter-in-law. He mentioned that there were no dowry demands from the bride’s family. He wished the couple happiness, prosperity, and a successful career in durian trading reported KhaoSod

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