Thai man returns temple toy after son sees ghosts

News emerged that a 31 year old man returned a toy to a temple in Nakhon Nayok province after his son began to see ghosts. The boy’s father, Phonchai, and his family had visited the temple to pay respects and inadvertently took home a Hulk action figure which they believe triggered unusual happenings.

The temple, Lam Bua Loi Temple in Tha Ruea, Pak Phli district, is a common pilgrimage site with a stream of devotees visiting to pay respects and request blessings from the revered monk, Luang Por Sanit Yasintharo, former abbot of the temple. Also known for its belief in the fulfilment of wishes after a crocodile bath, many devotees return to offer thanks once their wishes are met.

But, in a turn of events, Phonchai who hails from the Sa Kaeo province, came with his family and son carrying the Hulk toy, flowers, and a set of offerings to pay respect to Luang Por Sanit. On probing, Phonchai revealed that he had visited the temple once before and his son had picked up the Hulk toy during that visit. Consequently, his son began experiencing health issues, even a severe one resulting in a dislocated arm.

Furthermore, the family began to witness a large male figure wandering around their house and the child would repeatedly utter “ghost, ghost, ghost.” Believing these incidents to be linked to the taken toy, Phonchai decided to return it to the temple. Today, he lit incense sticks and prayed to Luang Por Sanit.

“We didn’t intend to take it. We have returned it. Please bless our family with peace.”

Temple officials were initially under the impression that Phonchai had brought something to offer or to fulfil a vow. They were surprised to learn that he had come to return something instead.

He shared that his son was constantly crying, claiming to see ghosts, and many people in their household including his mother and girlfriend had seen a large figure roaming around their house almost every night, causing them sleepless nights. He concluded, Don’t underestimate what we can’t see or believe, reported Sanook.

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