Thai man shoots wife and son after they discover secret affair

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A Thai man shot his wife and son after they uncovered his secret affair with another woman, discovering that he had been showering the mistress with gifts and money. The two victims are in critical condition.

Song Phi Nong Police Station officers rushed to a house in the Song Phi Nong district in the central province of Suphan Buri at 4.45pm yesterday, December 12, after the notification of the shooting. Officers discovered the gunman, 64 year old Prayoon, sitting in the house with a .38 revolver in his hand.

A neighbour sent the two victims, 61 year old Chutima and her 32 year old son Narongdate, to hospital before the police arrived. Chutima bore gunshot wounds to her neck and left leg, and Narongdate was shot in his chest.

Prayoon revealed that his wife had discovered his involvement with a woman residing in another community within the province. Chutima also found out about Prayoon regularly providing money to his mistress, a practice that had been ongoing for an extended period.

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Despite continuous arguments with his wife since the revelation of his affair, Prayoon did not terminate his relationship with the other woman. On the fateful day, a heated argument ensued between him and Chutima, leading him to grab a gun and shoot her twice.

During the altercation, Prayoon’s son, Narongdate, intervened in an attempt to shield his mother. In response, Prayoon shot him in the chest. Following the incident, Prayoon drove to the police station to report the shooting. Subsequently, he returned to the scene, awaiting police arrest.

Prayoon also accused his wife of administering croton oil in his food and drink to induce diarrhoea. He further claimed that he shot his son because he consistently sided with his mother, supporting her actions against him.

Prayoon faces a charge of attempted murder. He would be sentenced to half the penalty of the murder charge, which would result in life imprisonment or 15 to 20 years of imprisonment.

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