Thai man sexually assaults child in shopping mall bathroom (video)

Photo via Channel 3 and Facebook/ Thirayu Chaichana

A 12 year old Thai boy took to social media to expose the shameless behaviour of a pedophile who sexually assaulted him in a shopping mall bathroom in the Isaan province of Khon Kaen on Tuesday.

The teenage victim, Thirayu Chaichana, shared his story on a Facebook group to warn others to beware of the pervert. Thirayu revealed that the incident took place in a men’s bathroom on the third floor of the Central Khon Kaen shopping mall on Tuesday, April 23.

Thirayu explained that he noticed the man staring at him as he entered the bathroom. He was afraid as there was no one else in the place and decided to secretly record a video for safety.

When Thirayu was about to leave the bathroom, the suspect asked him something he could not hear. He asked the man to repeat the question but he suddenly approached him, grabbed his penis and kissed him.

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Thirayu described how the man forcefully tried to usher him into one of the toilets, against which he strongly protested. Although initially unable to break loose, Thirayu pretended to agree, seizing the opportunity to flee from the situation.

During a subsequent interview with Channel 3, Thirayu revealed that he promptly notified the security guard and awaited the police’s arrival. However, the suspect asserted his innocence, stating that he merely wished to obtain Thirayu’s contact details.

Repeated sexual assaults

According to Thirayu, the police urged him to take compensation from the suspect or go to the police station to file a complaint before leaving the mall. Thirayu said he was in a hurry so decided to take 3,000 baht in compensation from the man.

Thirayu also showed the video of the incident to the public. The video showed that the suspect had a pack of condoms in his hand proving that he intended to rape the victim.

Thirayu disclosed that many other Thai netizens contacted him saying that they had met this man before, and some suffered similar sexual assaults. However, the suspect had never faced any legal charges and repeated his perverted acts.

One netizen shared in the comment section that he noticed another man secretly filming under women’s skirts at the mall and reported it to the security guard. However, the guard did nothing about it and even shocked him by replying, “Ah, I know. This man comes to the mall every day.”

Thirayu added that he is discussing with his mother whether or not to take legal action against the man.

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