Japan’s hotspots for Golden Week getaways

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As Japan gears up for its Golden Week, holidaymakers hunt for the perfect getaway destination. The latest data from travel giant Agoda unveils an intriguing trend: Thailand is stealing the spotlight.

Amidst the anticipation for Golden Week, which stretches from April 29 to May 6 this year, Japanese wanderlusts are setting their sights on Thailand like never before, making it their top pick after South Korea. Thailand is not just a mere contender, it’s dominating the game, leaving other sought-after destinations like Taiwan, the USA, and Vietnam trailing behind.

Agoda’s crunching of the numbers reveals an eye-popping 60% surge in searches for Thailand among Japanese travellers from January to mid-March, showcasing an undeniable allure for Thailand’s kaleidoscopic array of attractions and vibrant culture.

Delving deeper into the data uncovers some surprising revelations. While old favourites such as Bangkok and Pattaya continue to reign supreme, lesser-known gems like Chon Buri and Khao Lak are swiftly rising through the ranks, capturing the hearts of Japanese adventurers seeking new horizons within Thailand’s rich tapestry of experiences, reported Bangkok Post.

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Pierre Honne, the Senior Country Director for Thailand at Agoda, spilled the beans.

“Japanese travellers are venturing further afield, expanding their itineraries to explore hidden gems like Chonburi and the serene shores of Khao Lak.”

In related news, Japan experienced a surge in foreign visitors in March, surpassing the three million mark for the first time in a single month. Thai tourists to Japan ranked sixth, contributing to the notable increase in visitors. South Korea topped the list with 663,100 visitors marking a 13.2% rise from 2019 pre-pandemic levels. Taiwan and China followed with 484,400 and 452,400 visitors respectively.

In other news, a Thai couple faced a backlash on social media after expressing their love by writing their names, Beer <3 Mayvy 2024, on a bridge at a popular tourist destination in Tokyo, Japan.

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