Thai man murders girlfriend in Prachuap Khiri Khan

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A shocking video has surfaced showing a Thai man murdering his girlfriend in Prachuap Khiri Khan Province. The man parked his car and used a cloth to cover his girlfriend’s body, staying with the corpse for several hours while visiting another girlfriend.

Even as the suspect drove to meet his other girlfriend, the body remained in the car, and he poured toilet cleaner over the body to disfigure it beyond recognition.

Police investigators have apprehended Anuwat Pimmas, who confessed to killing his girlfriend, Nong Cream, following a heated argument about another woman. Anuwat claimed that while in the car, Nong Cream became jealous when another woman called, and fearing that his other girlfriend would hear, he strangled Nong Cream to death.

Footage released by Channel 8 reveals the chilling moments following the murder. At one point, Anuwat parked the car and moved Nong Cream’s body, covering her with a cloth and reclining the seat to make her appear as if she were lying down. He then drove around looking for a place to dispose of the body, staying with it for approximately five hours.

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The video shows Anuwat driving with the corpse from the early hours of June 2, and even visiting a close female friend at a clinic, with the body moved to the back of the car, covered by a cloth.

When Anuwat finally disposed of Nong Cream’s body in a forest, the gruesome details were revealed during his confession. He poured toilet cleaner over her face and body in an attempt to hide her identity. However, Nong Cream was identified by a Winnie the Pooh tattoo and a ring she was wearing.

The police investigation led to Anuwat’s arrest, and he admitted to the crime, explaining that his fear of being overheard by his other girlfriend led to the fatal attack, reported KhaoSod.

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