Thai man injured after at trip with a drunk taxi rider in Bangkok

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A Thai man suffered an ankle injury when a drunk motorcycle taxi rider insisted on providing service, only to later collapse, ironically, in front of the Department of Land Transport on Phahonyothin Road in the Chatuchak district of Bangkok.

The injured passenger, identified as Thanawat “Ton” Boonsong, shared a video of the drunk taxi rider on his TikTok account,, on Monday, June 3. He explained the incident in the caption.

“I took a motorcycle taxi back home from a BTS station. I smelled something not right since I got on but initially thought the rider worked all day and hadn’t yet showered.

“The violent ride began when the rider changed lanes. We almost got hit by a public bus. The rider continued driving and swaying left and right until he almost hit a pedestrian. I decided to film him in case anything happened, and the rider suddenly collapsed near the footpath. Where is the safety of passengers?”

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The video clearly showed the rider’s registration plate and a number on his orange jacket. The rider eventually admitted to drinking alcohol and apologised to Ton. Ton was heard asking the rider to stop providing service to others and return home.

Ton revealed in an interview with Bright TV that the motorcycle taxi rider provided services near Mo Chit BTS Station. He disclosed that the spot where the rider collapsed was in front of the Department of Land Transport.

Ton said he did not file a complaint against the rider but hoped he and other riders at the spot would consider passengers’ safety and refrain from drinking alcohol on duty.

This is surely not the first accident involving intoxicated taxi drivers. In February, a drunk taxi driver crashed into a couple who were travelling to their workplaces on their motorcycle on Valentine’s Day. The driver denied the accusation and blamed the couple for cutting him off, despite clear evidence and witnesses.

In March, a drunk taxi driver collided with two parked vehicles and crashed into a bar in Pattaya. Another drunk taxi driver crashed and killed a traffic police officer on Phahonyothin Road in Bangkok in April.

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