Thai man admits to killing his ex-girlfriend and staging her suicide

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A Thai man confessed to killing his ex-girlfriend at an apartment in Lat Phrao district of Bangkok and staging her suicide to evade arrest.

The suspect, Nattaphon “Bank” Wannasut, reported the death of his ex-girlfriend, 21 year old On-arun “Fon” Naowarath, to an apartment security guard on the morning of March 18. The 30 year old claimed Fon committed suicide by hanging herself from an air-conditioning compressor.

After reporting the death, Bank disappeared from the apartment without informing the police. The security guard decided to notify a rescue team and officers from Chokchai Police Station, leading to an investigation in Fon’s room.

A rescuer, Montri Kaiyafai, told Channel 7 that Fon was found lying backwards on her legs on the balcony of her room with red bruises on her neck. A towel hung from the air-conditioning compressor on the balcony. The guard informed Montri that Bank had removed Fon’s body from where it was suspended by the towel.

A letter, supposedly written by Fon, was discovered in the room. In the letter, Fon said she was tired of everything in life and saw death as a solution. She apologised to her mother and professed her love for her.

According to Amarin TV, Bank messaged Fon’s friend, indicating that she had arrived at the room around 3am. He urged Fon to rest, but she declined, stating her desire to smoke. Bank then left Fon alone on the balcony and drifted off to sleep, only to awaken the next day to discover Fon’s lifeless body.

Ex-boyfriend confesses

Fon’s mother, 55 year old Dao Rittapromp, insisted that Fon’s death was murder, not a suicide. She said the hand-written message on the letter was different from Fon’s. She suspected Bank due to his history of abusive behaviour and physical assaults against Fon.

Dao revealed that Fon had informed her of her breakup with Bank due to his drug use, abusive behaviour, and refusal to work. Despite the split, Bank persisted in visiting Fon and attempting to reconcile with her.

Fon’s manager, Archan Kamkaew, contradicted Bank’s version of events, asserting that Fon and she had concluded their work at a snooker club around 2am. They remained together until Archan dropped Fon off at her apartment at approximately 4am.

Archan maintained that Fon did not return home at 3 am as Bank alleged, and Fon did not display any indications of suicidal tendencies.

Channel 8 reported yesterday, March 21, that Bank finally confessed to murdering Fon in the apartment. He recounted how Fon had a new boyfriend and asked him to return a key card to her room. Fon requested that Bank wait outside her apartment but he waited inside instead.

According to the media, Fon did not return to her room at the scheduled time because she knew that Bank was there. She was worried that Bank would hurt her and decided to return room in the early morning of the day thinking it would be safer. However, Bank murdered her in the morning and staged the suicide scene.

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