Southeast Asia’s battle against rare diseases

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Healthcare visionaries, policymakers, and patient champions gathered under the theme Amplifying Patients’ Voices for Sustainable Change to unravel the complexities of rare diseases and forge a path towards better diagnosis, treatment access, and equitable healthcare.

The Medical Association of Thailand, the Thai Rare Disease Foundation, and the Medical Genetics and Genomics Association united with Takeda (Thailand) Limited, aiming to amplify the voices of those battling rare diseases.

Cholnan Srikaew, Thailand’s Minister of Public Health, reaffirmed the government’s unwavering commitment to healthcare accessibility and innovation.

“Rare diseases affect millions across Southeast Asia, yet they remain largely invisible.”

With a focus on early detection, Thailand has initiated nationwide screening programs, ensuring swift intervention for newborns at risk of metabolic genetic diseases.

Associate Professor Dr Cherdchai Tontisirin, Vice Minister of Public Health, shed light on the harrowing reality faced by those with rare conditions.

“The diagnostic odyssey can span years, exacerbating the suffering of patients and families.”

Urgent action, he stressed, is imperative to alleviate their plight.

Professor Thanyachai Sura M.D., President of APSHG and MGGA, echoed this sentiment, highlighting the dire consequences of delayed diagnosis and treatment. Collaborative efforts between public and private sectors, he asserted, are paramount in reshaping healthcare paradigms.

Patient empowerment emerged as a central tenet of the summit, with advocates championing the rights of individuals battling rare diseases, reported The Nation.

Peter Streibl, General Manager of Takeda Thailand underscored the pharmaceutical giant’s commitment to amplifying patient advocacy.

“The patient’s voice must resonate in every facet of healthcare.”

In related news, health concerns over PM2.5 air pollution in Thailand are escalating, prompting insurance companies to develop policies that cover respiratory diseases attributed to the hazardous particulate matter.

TQM Insurance Brokers, in collaboration with Bangkok Insurance (BKI), has introduced a novel health insurance policy specifically designed for ailments related to PM2.5 dust exposure.

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