Samut Prakan: Lottery vendor strikes gold with first-prize ticket in unsold stock

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A lottery vendor experienced an unexpected stroke of luck when she discovered a first-prize winning ticket in her husband’s unsold stock.

She credits her fortunate find to the spirit of the 7-Eleven store in Bang Hua Suea where they operate their lottery stand.

At 8pm last night, reporters spoke with 56 year old Paiboon Panphakdee and his 52 year old wife Lamai Choowong (the owner of the Facebook account Lamai Jai reing). The couple proudly presented their first-prize lottery ticket bearing the number 557990.

They also shared images of their lottery stand named Paiboon Lottery located outside the 7-Eleven store in Wat Bang Hua Suea. The winning ticket was amongst the ones still on display for sale.

Lamai, also known as Jae Lamai, recounted that after selling the lottery tickets, she and her husband were watching the lottery results on TV. When the last two digits were revealed as 14, she checked her unsold tickets and found one set ending with 14. After a while, she decided to check the tickets again for any ending with 90. To her surprise, she found ticket number 557990, which turned out to be the first prize.

Lamai expressed immense joy upon realising she had won the first prize. She mentioned that she and her husband have won various lottery prizes before, such as the last two digits, last three digits, fifth prize, fourth prize, third prize, second prize, and now for the first time, the first prize.

Lamai believes the spirit of the place where she sells her tickets to be very lucky. She vowed to pay her respects every day before the lottery results are announced, praying for prosperity, abundance of customers, and wealth for her children, reported Sanook.

On the other hand, her husband Paiboon, who previously worked in a factory in Samrong before selling lottery tickets for the past three years, said that he frequently found winning tickets amongst the unsold ones.

The second, fourth, and fifth prizes were common wins, especially during holiday seasons when people were returning home and the sales were slightly slower. With the money from this first-prize win, he plans to build a house for their children, as they already own a piece of land.

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