Production manager wins over 100,000 million baht in Taiwan Power Lottery

Photo: Sanook

A 50 year old man from Kaohsiung district hit the jackpot of the 27th round of the Taiwan Power Lottery, taking home a whopping 911 million Taiwanese dollars (100,510 million baht). The lottery win prize was won through an online purchase with a meagre 700 Taiwanese dollars (774 baht).

Liaw, a lottery shop owner for ten years, recounted an incident on September 28 wherein a large cricket ran into her store. She jokingly told her husband that someone might win a huge prize shortly. As it turned out, her words became reality when the winner emerged through an online lottery purchase.

The lucky winner, a 50 year old production manager, used only 700 Taiwanese dollars and a single computer to purchase seven lottery tickets. He didn’t repeat his lottery numbers and his betting was purely a matter of luck. He usually buys lottery tickets wherever he likes, and this time, he was extremely fortunate that one of them won the jackpot. The windfall amounted to 911 million Taiwanese dollars.

After deducting 20% tax and 4% stamp duty, the lottery owner will receive a total of 720 million Taiwanese dollars. Upon receiving the hefty bonus, the 50 year old production manager was coolness personified.

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“I still have to think about how to use this money.”

His calm reaction was impressively striking, reported Sanook.

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