Thai lottery livestream draws in eager participants with six million baht top prize

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The Government Lottery Office livestreamed the lottery results today with eager participants tuning in to check the results. The event was marked by anticipation as participants hoped to land the top prize, along with other rewards such as the last two digits and the last three digits, among others.

The live broadcast of the lottery results for the government lottery draw took place today Participants eagerly awaited the announcement of the first prize around 2.30pm, reported Sanook

The government lottery has set the following prizes per set:

The first prize was a hefty 6 million baht (US$162,860). There were two prizes for the three-digit prefix and two for the three-digit suffix, each prize worth 4,000 baht. The two-digit suffix prize was worth 2,000 baht. There were five-second prizes worth 200,000 baht each.

Ten third prizes were given, each worth 80,000 baht. Fifty-fourth prizes worth 40,000 baht each, and 100 fifth place prizes of 20,000 baht were also part of the draw.

Terms and conditions for checking the results of the Government Lottery were clearly outlined.

Lottery winners have the right to claim their prize within two years from the date of the lottery draw. Any unclaimed prizes after this period are considered state revenue.

Those who wish to claim their prize need to pay a stamp duty at a rate of one baht for every two hundred baht or a fraction thereof.

Two days ago, the Government Lottery Office of Thailand announced the launch of a six-digit lottery, referred to as L6, with the first draw set for today, Sunday, October 1. This new lottery offers the chance to win up to 180 million baht.

This L6 will be sold in paper form as well as digital format, according to the announcement. The sale of L6 tickets began on September 17. To read more click HERE

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