Thailand’s lucky L6: Your shot at 180 million baht lottery jackpot begins October 1

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The Government Lottery Office of Thailand announced the launch of a six-digit lottery, referred to as L6, with the first draw set for Sunday, October 1. This new lottery offers the chance to win up to 180 million baht.

This L6 will be sold in paper form as well as digital format, according to the announcement. The sale of L6 tickets began on September 17, ahead of the first draw this weekend. The Government Lottery Office plans to release 101 million tickets in total, with 80 million being paper tickets and 21 million being digital tickets.

The introduction of the L6 follows the announcement made by the Government Lottery Office on September 17, on the stipulations of selling six-digit government lottery tickets. The decision to introduce a digital format is aimed at smoothing the sales process and aligns with the objectives of the Government Lottery Office.

As for the digital tickets, they won’t be printed but will be available in the digital system. The L6 digital lottery tickets can be purchased through the government’s Pao Tang application or other approved digital platforms. The digital tickets will have the text L6 Digital printed on them.

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Those who have won the L6 can collect their cash prizes at the Government Lottery Office or the Agriculture and Agricultural Cooperatives Bank, Krung Thai Bank, and Government Savings Bank.

Winners of the digital L6 will have their winnings checked automatically by the system. They can then choose to receive their cash prize by transferring it to a Krung Thai Bank account or the buyer’s G-Wallet within no more than two hours.

The L6 is similar to the conventional lottery, but the L6 has introduced digitally printed lottery tickets that can be sold via the application or a vending machine, and it can also be sold through the Marketplace system. Each set of L6 tickets amounts to 1 million tickets, with numbers ranging from 000000-999999.

These numbers are predetermined and do not duplicate in one set. The minimum age limit to buy or sell these tickets is set at 20 years, reported Khaosod.

The L6 includes nine prizes: the first prize, adjacent to the first prize, second prize, third prize, fourth prize, fifth prize, three-digit prefix, three-digit suffix, and two-digit suffix, a total of 14,168 prizes.

The L6 lottery pays variable rewards, and the prize money is not cumulative. If the lottery tickets are not sold out, the prize money will decrease proportionally but must still be within 60% of the sales in that period.

If no one wins a prize in any period, the prize money will be considered as national income for the next period.

The Director of the Government Lottery Office, Major General Hun Sananakorn, believes that the sales of the L6 will help reduce the price of lottery tickets and draw money from the underground lottery into the system. The method of selling is similar to the underground lottery, which means it can be sold on foot.

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