Brewing herbal revolution: Thai herbs poised to spice up global markets

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Government spokesman Chai Wacharonke unveiled Prime Minister Srettha Thavisin’s master plan to transform Thai herbs into a formidable soft power product, captivating domestic and international markets.

“Prime Minister Thavisin’s vision is crystal clear: to propel Thailand’s herbal industry to unprecedented heights, elevating the status of Thai herbs worldwide.”

Harnessing the innate medicinal prowess, rich biodiversity, and indigenous knowledge embedded within Thai herbs, the government aims to capitalise on the burgeoning global demand for natural remedies.

With projections soaring to a staggering 2.7 trillion baht by 2030, the herbal market’s potential is nothing short of astronomical. Thailand, already crowned the ASEAN’s top herbal exporter last year, is poised to clinch global dominance.

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Buoyed by this momentum, the government formed the National Thai Herbs Policy Committee, a collaborative powerhouse of five ministries, meticulously crafting strategies to thrust Thailand into the herbal limelight.

Following the committee’s directives, Thailand’s herbal production has witnessed an unprecedented surge. Spearheaded by the ambitious Herbal City Project spanning 14 provinces, this initiative embodies a holistic approach, encompassing cultivation, processing, and tourism, reported Bangkok Post.

From the verdant fields of Amnat Charoen to the bustling markets of Chiang Rai, Thailand’s herbal revolution is in full swing, heralding an era of economic prosperity and sustainable community development.

In related news, Traditional Thai Medicine (TTM) has evolved over the centuries into a holistic health system that encompasses five diverse approaches: Internal Medicine, External Medicine, Spirit Medicine, Divination, and Buddhism. This natural and comprehensive approach to healthcare mirrors the development of Western medicine.

In other news, whilst Bangkokians battle with the silent killer, the potent PM2.5 air pollution, the Department of Thai Traditional and Alternative Medicine unveils a game-changing solution to combat the notorious dust particles threatening the health of residents in the capital city.

Amidst rising concerns over the long-term health impacts of PM2.5 exposure, Dr Taweesilp Visanuyothin reveals the secrets of four Thai herbs that promise to shield your lungs and heart from the invisible menace.

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