Mysterious bullet incident: Thai girl narrowly escapes tragedy as stray shot hits home

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Residents in the Thai province of Prachinburi faced a near-tragic event on June 26, when a mysterious bullet pierced a window of a home in the small village of Ban Na. The bullet’s path aligned directly with the head of a young girl running playfully inside the house at the time of the incident.

Thiphat, the occupant of the house, captured attention when she posted a photo of the bullet-riddled window on Facebook, vocalising her outrage at this reckless act. According to her, the mysterious bullet event unfolded around 7.15pm as she prepared dinner and her children were playing at home. On hearing a sound akin to shattered glass, she walked around investigating the source and discovered her window bearing the tragic signs of a gunshot.

Thiphat announced on Facebook…

“No matter how annoyed you are at a person or dog, or you’re panicked, you shouldn’t do this. There are kids playing in the house, what if it had hit the child’s head? I don’t even want to think about it.”

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Journalists who visited the scene found the evidence consistent with her account. The location and the house in Prachinburi bore the marks of a bullet hole right on the window pane. Remarkably, the bullet failed to penetrate the glass completely, protecting the little girl who might have been severely injured, reported KhaoSod.

Meticulously detailing the chain of events, Thiphat mentioned hearing a noise reminiscent of glass breaking, much similar to a stone hitting the glass. On tracing the source, she found a striking bullet hole in the glass window of her house. Further investigation led her to the spent bullet outside. She then reported the matter to the local police on their emergency hotline – 191.

The local Kabinburi Police Station instructed her to visit the station for official reporting, which she did. She further sought law enforcement’s assistance to apprehend the perpetrator, emphasising that the bullet’s trajectory directly aligned with her daughter’s head, who was playfully running around inside. She expressed relief that the bullet had not penetrated the window completely averting a possible tragedy. She has also gone on record to ascertain that her family hasn’t had any conflicts or disputes with anyone, leaving the motive behind the shooting a mystery for now.

The police have yet to comment or reveal any updates regarding their investigation into the mysterious bullet incident.

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