Thai drug addict throws 1 year old boy into pond, killing victim

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A Thai drug addict yesterday murdered his one year old employer’s son by throwing him into a pond in the eastern province of Rayong. The killer then enjoyed swimming in the pond after his horrific action as if nothing serious had happened.

Officers from Klaeng Police Station responded to a murder report at a house in the Neunkho sub-district of Klaeng district in Rayong at 8am yesterday, May 7. Upon arrival, officers found a 26 year old Thai man named Phiphat crying and hugging the lifeless body of his son outside the house.

Phiphat informed the police that the murderer was his employee, 36 year old Nattaphon. Phiphat said he left his son alone with Nattaphon while using the bathroom. He heard a big object falling into the pond and assumed Nattaphon was fishing in the pond.

When Phiphat exited the bathroom, his son was missing. He asked Nattaphon about the boy, and the killer admitted to throwing the child into the pond. Initially believing it to be a cruel joke, Phiphat searched for his son, only to find his body tragically floating in the water.

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While Phiphat was retrieving the body of his son, Nattaphon undressed and jumped into the pond to enjoy swimming like nothing had happened. He remained there until police arrived.

Phiphat’s older brother told police that Nattaphon had a history of drug use. He took even more drugs after he broke up with his wife.

Officers apprehended Nattaphon and took him to the station for questioning and a drug test. Charges are pending.

Phiphat told Channel 3 he offered Nattaphon a job because he felt sorry for him and Nattaphon’s brother was also a friend of his father. Nattaphon had only worked for three days before the incident.

In a related story, on the same day as the murder, a drug addict caused chaos at Kheha BTS station in Samut Prakarn province near Bangkok. The drug addict, 27 year old Suthat Chuayrod, sexually assaulted a woman under the influence of ketamine.

Suthat was masturbating at the BTS station before attempting to rape a Thai woman, who unfortunately happened to wander up the escalator at the same time. He failed to rape the woman but physically assaulted her when she fought back and stole her valuables.

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