Thai driver evades arrest after crashing and killing nursing student

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A Thai driver evaded arrest after crashing his pickup into a motorcycle on a bypass road in the central province of Ratchaburi, killing a nursing student and injuring her mother.

Officers from the Mueang Ratchaburi Police Station and Ratchaburi Hospital rushed to the accident scene to rescue two victims. A 55 year old woman named Chuanpit was a motorcycle rider. She was injured and rushed to a nearby hospital.

Chuanpit’s daughter, 22 year old Waritsara, was pronounced dead at the scene. She was a passenger and suffered the impact after the motorcycle was hit from behind.

Chuanpit told officers that she and her daughter were on their way to Ratchaburi Hospital. Her daughter was a fourth year nursing student and a student trainee at the hospital. They were riding the motorcycle just 50 metres from their home when the pickup hit them from behind.

According to Chuanpit, the pickup driver did not stop the car and dragged her motorcycle for more than 100 metres along the road.

A white pickup with a damaged front bumper was parked at the scene, but the driver, later identified as a 44 year old Thai man named Anan Thamnium, already escaped. Anan’s relative was in the pickup and she said that Anan left her at the scene and did not answer the phone.

According to the relative, she and Anan were also on their way to the hospital when the accident happened. She did not know how it happened as she was using her phone.

The lifeless body of the nursing student is undergoing an autopsy. Officials are now looking for Anan to bring him to justice.

Netizens expressed their sympathy and sorrow at the loss of a future medical professional. Another loss of a medical professional in Thailand was reported earlier this month when Thai doctor Krittai Tanasombatkul died after a long battle with terminal lung cancer.

Another accident that claimed the life of an innocent Thai medical professional was reported last year. Thai ophthalmologist Waraluck Supwatjariyakul died after being hit by a Ducati motorcycle of a Thai police officer when walking on a zebra crossing in Bangkok.

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