Thai couple with 46-year age gap defy critics, builds loving family

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A Thai couple with a significant age gap of 46 years is in the spotlight again, having built a strong and loving family despite societal criticism. Their story, which gained attention 12 years ago, continues to inspire.

In 2012, Hock, then 73 years old, married Big, a 27 year old woman from the same village. Their relationship faced intense opposition from family, friends, and the community. Despite the backlash, Big stood firm in her decision to marry Hock.

A year later, Big became pregnant with twins. Due to financial constraints, she continued working during her pregnancy, which led to premature birth and the babies being in a fragile state. The couple had to borrow money to cover their children’s medical expenses.

By 2016, Big was pregnant again. During this period, negative rumours spread, suggesting that the child was not Hock’s. This forced the couple to live a more private life to avoid public scrutiny.

“I no longer fear people’s objections, but I didn’t anticipate the difficulties of marrying an older man. Having multiple children has made our family situation challenging. My highest hope is for our children to be healthy and for my husband to stay well so he can continue working, allowing our family to have a better future.”

Hock acknowledged the hardships faced by their family of five. He primarily supports the family, while Big uses her free time to earn extra income.

“Living in poverty and taking care of the children all day, my wife must feel quite depressed. I genuinely feel sorry for her sacrifices for me and our children.”

Despite their unwavering love and the warm family they have built, they still face criticism from those around them. Nevertheless, both Hock and Big choose not to engage with the negativity, focusing instead on maintaining a peaceful life and not affecting their children, reported KhaoSod.

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