Thai woman’s legal battle after husband’s affair with adoptive mother

The adoptive mother an Amm's husband. | Photo via Channel 3

A Thai woman in the southern province of Nakhon Si Thammarat is taking legal action against her husband’s adoptive mother for having a secret affair with her husband.

The 28 year old woman named Amm took to social media to share the story of her cheating husband’s sexual relationship with his adoptive mother as a warning to others. Amm’s story went viral on social media and she later gave an interview about the matter to Channel 3.

Amm revealed that she had been with her husband since they were in high school. They married 12 years ago and have a child together, who is now four years old. However, their married life changed, and their family bond was shattered after her husband met a female fortune teller aged about 50 years old last year.

The fortune teller reckoned that Amm’s husband was her son in a previous life. Because of this perceived mother-son connection, the fortune teller decided to adopt Amm’s husband. Subsequently, she invested in a restaurant for Amm’s husband as well.

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Amm went on to elaborate that the adoptive mother later requested her husband to be her chauffeur, and he agreed. Amm mentioned that her family and the adoptive mother were close and frequently travelled together.

Amm later observed a change in her husband’s behaviour around November last year. Her husband began to ignore her and their child, focusing solely on his adoptive mother.

They posted a couple of photos on social media where they looked too intimate beyond a mother and son relationship.

Polyamorous relationship

Amm asked them directly about the relationship and the adoptive mother admitted to the affair. She even urged Amm to accept the polyamorous relationship but she refused and took legal action against her.

Amm revealed that the husband then moved out of the house after she filed a lawsuit against his lover. He told her he was going to Phuket for work but Amm discovered on social media that he was staying with his mother lover in Bangkok.

Amm said she wanted her story to be a warning to other couples and wanted all the fortune teller’s followers to stop supporting her because what she had done had destroyed her life and that of her child.

Channel 3 contacted the fortune teller for an interview about the matter but she refused to give any information, saying she was not ready. As she was still advertising her fortune-telling services, reporters tried to book the services but the woman refused, saying her schedule was full until the end of the month.

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