Thai cop’s samurai swordplay in love triangle scandal

Photo via Channel 8 and Facebook/ ล้วงข่าว

A Thai police officer in the central province of Nakhon Pathom has been accused of attacking his wife with a samurai sword on May 31 after she discovered his clandestine affairs with several women.

The victim, identified as 37 year old Karn, sought help from social media influencer Kantouch “Gun” Pongpaiboonwet after filing a complaint against her husband at Phokaew Police Station in Nakhon Pathom. Her husband pressured her to drop the case but she is determined to pursue legal action despite the potential danger.

Karn revealed that she worked as a university professor at the Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives. Her husband, Pokpong, was her student studying for a master’s degree in 2014. They married in 2019 and had a son, who is now five years old.

Karn revealed to Channel 7 and other news agencies in an interview yesterday, June 6, that her husband changed in 2021. He rarely returned home and avoided answering her calls, claiming he was busy with work.

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After secretly tracking her husband with a GPS, Karn discovered he was with another woman. Despite this, she forgave him, and he promised to change. However, he broke his promise and began another affair. Karn reported this to her husband’s boss, leading to the violent attack on May 31.

The couple argued at their home in Nakhon Pathom, during which her husband threatened her with his collection of samurai swords. Two policemen, friends of her husband, were present at the scene.

Samurai attack

During the argument, Karn was angry, grabbed a samurai sword, and struck a tree. Her husband then grabbed another sword and tried to stab her. When she collapsed, he repeatedly trampled her head and cut her face and back with the sword before his friends intervened.

Karn fled to her car, seeking refuge, but her husband pursued her relentlessly. He wielded his sword, striking the car’s roof with force before returning with a hammer to shatter the window.

Desperate to escape the volatile situation, Karn sped away from the scene, her mind consumed with worry for her child waiting at home. She sought assistance from a security guard to ensure her child’s safety before rushing to the hospital with the aid of a rescue team.

Admitted to the hospital, Karn found herself confined to the emergency room for two agonising days, her older sister taking on the responsibility of caring for her child during this tumultuous time.

It wasn’t the first instance of such violence Karn had endured. Her husband had subjected her to frequent abuse, yet she endured it silently, motivated solely by her child’s well-being.

Karn added that her husband had threatened to kill her many times, claiming that he was a police officer and could kill anyone without facing charges.

Gun promised to help Karn follow up on her complaint for the case to be developed faster for her safety. Officers from Phokaew Police Station had not yet provided any details or updates on the case.

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