Myanmar national arrested for samurai sword attack in Bangkok

Authorities in Bang Khun Thian arrested a 21 year old Myanmar national for attacking a teenager with a samurai sword, leaving the victim seriously injured. The incident occurred yesterday when Ye Min Htit, reportedly angered by taunts, retaliated violently.

Earlier today, authorities led by Police Major General Prasong Anomanee and Police Colonel Kritidech Chanphet, apprehended Ye Min Htit. The arrest came after an urgent report from the Emergency Response Centre about a knife attack involving a group of teenagers near the Bang Bon market in Bangkok.

Police and rescue teams arrived at the scene around 4.20pm where they found a 17 year old teenager known as A (pseudonym), severely injured with a sword lodged in his abdomen.

The injured teen was promptly taken to Mali Hospital for medical treatment. Witnesses, including friends of the victim, recounted the events leading up to the attack.

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According to the victim’s friends, they were riding a motorcycle when they encountered a group of young men near the Bang Bon traffic light intersection. A verbal altercation ensued, escalating quickly when Ye allegedly ran towards them and hurled a 50-centimetre-long samurai sword, piercing the victim’s stomach.

The victim’s friends immediately sought help from nearby rescue workers, while Ye fled into the nearby Suk Sawat market.

During interrogation, Ye confessed to the attack. He admitted that he acted out of anger after being taunted by the victim.

“I couldn’t stand the taunting anymore, so I threw the sword.”

Police have charged him with assault causing serious injury and illegal possession of a weapon. Ye also faces charges of illegal entry and residence in Thailand. Authorities are now preparing to proceed with legal action against him, reported Khaosod.

This incident highlights the severe consequences of escalating teenage disputes, stressing the need for conflict resolution among youths to avoid violent confrontations that can lead to severe injuries or worse.

The Bang Khun Thian police emphasise the importance of community vigilance and cooperation with law enforcement to ensure public safety.

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