Thai cop blackmails ex for sex, blackmails her with explicit videos

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An officer from the Special Service Division (SSD), also known as the Commando Police, is under investigation for allegedly demanding sex from his ex-girlfriend and blackmailing her by posting explicit videos of her on social media when she refused to comply with his request.

In February of this year, the victim was sent explicit video links by her relatives and friends. The victim immediately realised that the videos originated from her ex-boyfriend, a commando police officer. So, she reported the matter to his commander. Unfortunately, the case did not progress.

The victim reached out to the non-profit organisation Be One to share her story and requested the organisation to help her seek justice.

The woman revealed that she and the police officer were in a relationship in 2022 and broke up in March last year. The officer later initiated contact in April, demanding she meet him for sex under the threat of sharing her nude videos with the public so she complied with his demand.

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The police officer persisted in blackmailing her for sex but, on September 7, she finally stood her ground and refused his advances. She warned the officer that she would report his misconduct to his superior, which angered him. Despite this, he persisted in threatening to expose explicit videos of her to her family, friends, and colleagues.

In response, the victim took action by reporting the matter to the SSD. However, rather than deterring the police officer, her complaint exacerbated the situation. Angered by her actions, the officer proceeded to share the explicit videos on social media.

The victim became aware of this on February 6, when her sister informed her, and the dissemination of the videos continued through reports from others in her social circle.

Be One organisation accompanied the victim to file a complaint at the Royal Thai Police (RTP) headquarters today, March 7. The RTP assured coordination with the Ministry of Digital Economy and Society to remove all explicit content across various channels.

The Commander of the Central Investigation Bureau (CIB), Jiraphop Phuridate, assured justice for the victim. Jiraphop stated that the accused commando police officer has been summoned for questioning, revealing that two more women have fallen victim to him.

Be One added that there were more than two victims. The organisation claimed three other victims suffered threats and blackmail by the police officer.

The investigation continues.

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