TikTok user exposes taxi overcharge in Bangkok, fare hits 105 baht (video)

Picture courtesy of namotasapakavato1 TikTok

A TikTok user sparked a conversation about taxi services after posting a video showing an unusually high fare for a short journey. The user, under the name namotasapakavato1, warned fellow passengers after a taxi ride from a BTS station to Rangsit became a cause for concern—not only did the driver bring along his wife, who sat in the front seat, but the taxi metre also skyrocketed to 105 baht (US$3) for less than a kilometre.

The post detailed the user’s experience.

“From the BTS station, the meter jumped to 105 baht before even reaching a kilometre, and the driver’s wife was there too, without wearing a taxi driver’s uniform.”

The video showed the rapid increase of the meter’s numbers flashing erratically, while a woman, identified by the user as the driver’s wife, was seen using her mobile phone.

Further, the clip’s owner revealed that the driver was complaining throughout the journey. Despite being informed in advance and initially agreeing to the ride, the user was taken aback by the erratic meter and the driver’s temper. The driver also suggested a flat rate for the trip, reported Sanook.

@namotasapakavato1 #เทคซี่โกง #เตือนภัยมิจฉาชีพ #เตือน ♬ เสียงต้นฉบับ – หนมครกอร่อยกว่าโดนัด

Following the viral post, many weighed in with their comments. Some shared their own experiences of travelling from the same location to Future Park Rangsit for just 80 baht, even during heavy traffic. They questioned why the user decided to get into the taxi upon seeing someone already seated in the front.

The original poster responded that he had luggage with him.

“I had a large suitcase with me, and yesterday being Saturday afternoon, traffic was light, and due to the hot weather and various factors, I reluctantly decided to take the taxi.”

In related news, a crisis involving an alleged overcharge by a motorbike taxi driver during the Pattaya International Fireworks Festival on Friday, November 24 prompted immediate action from Pattaya Mayor, Poramase Ngamphichet. He has instructed the local police to investigate the incident involving a passenger charged more than 1,600 baht for a short journey, sparking outrage amongst locals.

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