Thai central investigators capture Pattani’s wanted criminal at hospital

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In a successful operation, Thai central investigative officers apprehended a wanted criminal at Pattani Hospital in Mueang, Pattani, on January 1. The 33 year old suspect, identified as Manase, was arrested based on a warrant issued by the Pattani Provincial Court.

The charges levied against him include conspiracy to attempt murder on officers, obstruction of officers performing their duties, possession of firearms, and carrying weapons in a public area without permission.

The backdrop of the arrest traces back to July 5 last year, when Pattani police officers established a checkpoint on 418 Road, Pattani. According to the officers’ report, Manase and another 36 year old suspect, Thanaruk, approached the checkpoint in a sedan.

When asked for an inspection, the duo allegedly fired at the police officers with assault rifles, prompting the officers to take cover behind an armoured truck. Fortunately, no casualties or injuries occurred during the incident, reported The Pattaya News.

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Following the gunfire, the two suspects fled from the scene, abandoning their vehicle to continue on foot into the jungle. In response, the police summoned a force of over 100 officers and a helicopter to join the manhunt. Despite these efforts, both suspects managed to evade capture.

The breakthrough in the case came when the Thai central investigative officers discovered Manase’s regular visits to Pattani Hospital to see his girlfriend. After observing him for several days, the officers were able to apprehend him.

Upon his arrest, Manase reportedly denied all the allegations against him. He was then taken to the Tuyong police station for further legal procedures. The police have vowed to continue their investigation and apprehend Thanaruk, who remains at large.

The story of Manase’s arrest is a testament to the relentless efforts of the Thai central investigative officers. Despite the suspects’ initial escape, the officers remained undeterred, leveraging their intelligence resources to eventually capture one of the culprits. Their commitment to justice and public safety is evident in their ongoing pursuit of Thanaruk, whose days as a fugitive are hopefully numbered.

In related news, Chawalit Thongduang, aka Paeng Nahonod, received a life sentence for the attempted murder of an officer in 2019 and faces a potential appeal.

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