Life sentence for Pattalung man in attempted murder case

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37 year old Chawalit Thongduang, also known as Paeng Nahonod, has been sentenced to life imprisonment by a Pattalung provincial court for the attempted murder of an officer back in 2019. The court verdict was announced today, following Paeng’s escape from the hospital at 10am. The case, number 175/2565, had a total of five defendants, with the Pattalung provincial prosecutor serving as the plaintiff.

Present at the court hearing were attorney Chatchaval Burung and Kasidechat Thongduang, Paeng’s older brother, who heard the court pronounce sentences for crimes that included possessing another person’s firearm in a service station and public place, resisting an officer, aiding others in escaping punishment, assaulting an officer, and finally, the most severe charge, attempted murder of an assistant officer. All five defendants received a life sentence.

The court had initially scheduled the verdict for November 20, but due to Paeng’s escape, the hearing was postponed to December 25. In the case, Paeng was the fifth defendant out of a total of nine. Judgments for four others were delivered previously on December 15, with the highest sentence being life imprisonment. The incident occurred on September 9, 2019, at the Sukhavariety shop in M.4, Moo 4, on the rural highway number Pt.2038, Prangmoo sub-district, Mueang district, Pattalung province.

Attorney Chatchaval, after hearing the verdict, stated that he accepted the court’s judgment and would continue to represent Paeng in the appeals or supreme court, depending on Paeng’s decision to return and fight the case in the appellate or supreme court. However, he added that Paeng would have to file an appeal in person. Although the attorney has prepared an appeal and requested an extension, he has not met or seen Paeng since receiving his complaint letter.

Kasidechat, after hearing the court’s verdict, said he accepts the court’s initial judgment. Whether Paeng will surrender or not is up to him. He wished his younger brother good health to continue fighting for his rights.

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