Thai artists revive childhood nostalgia at enchanting exhibition

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In a whirlwind of nostalgia and creativity, three Thai artists, Chanathip Chuenbumroong, Napol Isaracheewa, and Toon Kaewkerd, delve into the cherished memories of childhood to craft mesmerising wood carvings showcased at the exhibition …With A Time Capsule.

Chanathip, revered as a master woodcarver renowned for his iconic characters Fat Fox and Moon, has reimagined his craft with a captivating twist. At the heart of the exhibition, Chanathip breathes life into legendary figures like Kamen Rider and Ultraman, reminiscing about his days as a fervent fan of Japanese superhero TV series.

“I returned to the start when I first began carving superheroes. As a child, I was enamoured by these iconic characters who filled my days with joy. This exhibition marks the debut of my latest creation, Shark Boy, a tribute to the superheroes who ignited my imagination.”

Joined by the inspired duo Napol and Toon, the trio embarks on a journey of collaboration, melding their distinct styles and childhood musings into a symphony of wood-carved wonders.

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“This is my first group exhibition and the first time that I collaborated with others. I wanted to collaborate because we are friends.”

Toon, drawing from his architectural background, introduces the whimsical character Sai Fah, adorned with four eyes symbolising the essence of childhood innocence. His creation, Big Cheese, a homage to McDonald’s characters of yesteryears, evokes fond memories of youthful indulgence.

Napol, acclaimed for his character Mori inspired by Japanese animation, unveils his magnum opus, a towering 40-centimetre rendition of Mori intricately carved from wood. Delving deeper into the bygone era, Napol crafts a wood collection reminiscent of pre-internet days, where human interactions thrived and nostalgia reigned supreme.

Reflecting on his journey as a woodcarver, Chanathip shares his humble beginnings, fraught with challenges and unwavering determination.

“I began to carve wood because it was fun. Despite the initial hardships, carving filled the void of my childhood, akin to crafting my toys.”

Passion and creativity

As the exhibition blossoms into a celebration of creativity and camaraderie, the trio offers invaluable insights into the realm of art toys, urging fellow artists to stay true to their passion amidst commercial pressures, reported Bangkok Post.

“With …With A Time Capsule, we aim to introduce wood carving to a wider audience. It’s not just a profession; it’s a medium through which we revive cherished memories and ignite the flames of creativity.”

The exhibition is held at Central The Original Store, Level 4, until March 17. Admission is free.

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