Phuket anti-corruption commission probes Cape Yamu Villas land legitimacy

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A thorough investigation has been initiated by the Phuket branch of the National Anti-Corruption Commission (NACC Phuket) into the legitimacy of land documents for the luxury Cape Yamu Villas. This probe was motivated by concerns about potential encroachment onto public land at Yamu Beach in Pa Klok and the possible involvement of corrupt officials.

NACC Phuket’s Director, Suwat Saowaran, alongside Panya Samphaorat, the Chief of the Pa Khlok Tambon Administration Organisation (OrBorTor), and other officials, inspected the site. They focused particularly on the area where concrete steps, implicated in the Urs Fehr case, were recently demolished.

“Our primary objective is to investigate whether there has been encroachment onto public areas during the construction of these villas and to scrutinise the issuance of land title documents for this entire plot of more than 120 rai, which houses about 30 to 32 villas.”

He also highlighted that they are looking into the potential involvement of government officials or civil servants in the case. If any officials are found to have acted inappropriately, they will face legal action.

“We will take action if government officials were involved and did not carry out their duties correctly. The NACC is committed to its responsibilities and is working sincerely for the people,” Suwat emphasised.

The investigation by NACC Phuket was sparked by information provided by the local anti-corruption group, STRONG Club – Sufficiency Mind Against Corruption Phuket Province. This group is credited with releasing copies of land documents for the housing development, operated by Phuket Peninsula Estate Co Ltd, although it has not yet publicly posted copies of these documents on its official Facebook page.

Reports citing the STRONG group revealed that land documents for the area initially covered just over 90 rai. However, a subsequent land document issued for the same plot was marked as covering 106 rai. Yet, Suwat stated that NACC Phuket officials are investigating an area that encompasses 120 rai, reported The Phuket News.

Panya, the Pa Khlok OrBorTor Chief, affirmed that his office will take legal action if the project is found to be encroaching on public land.

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