Thai actress slams Russian police and airline inaction after luggage theft

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Thai actress Pimprapa “Pim” Tangprabhaporn condemned Russian police and an airline carrier for their inaction after belongings worth over 200,000 baht were stolen from her luggage at Moscow Airport.

Pim took to social media yesterday, January 7, to share a video of herself checking her luggage to find her lost valuables in the middle of the airport. She revealed to followers that belongings over US$7,200 (over 200,000 baht), had been stolen from her luggage.

“Never travel to Russia again. Be careful when travelling to this country. It is very dangerous to load your luggage. The only way you can do to avoid theft is to carry valuables with you and be alert. Thieves are everywhere.”

Pim clarified that she had flown with her sister and father from Emperor Nicholas II Murmansk Airport to an airport in Moscow City on the Russian airline Aeroflot. While her sister and father successfully retrieved their luggage upon arrival, she couldn’t locate hers.

Pim mentioned that she waited for a considerable period before eventually discovering them at the airline’s lost and found office. The baggage tag was missing, and the lock had been left open. After spending some time establishing ownership of the bag, Pim inspected the contents and discovered that her Chanel bag and designer glasses were missing.

Apart from the price of the lost items, the Chanel bag had sentimental value to her as it was a birthday present from her boyfriend. Pim added that she found out that many other things were stolen after she checked them carefully when she arrived in Thailand.

Police, airline refuse help

Pim accused the Russian police and Aeroflot staff of refusing to help her. Pim said that when she asked the staff for help they made faces and rolled their eyes, telling her to file a police report.

Pim went to the police station to report the theft but officers just shouted and cursed at her and her family. Pim said she used a translation application to listen to what the officers were saying and found only vulgarities. She was only able to access some of the CCTV cameras, which did not help her find the thief.

According to Pim, police concluded that her assets had been stolen by airline staff at Murmansk Airport and asked her to fly back to the city to report the theft to the local police. Pim asked officers to coordinate with the local police but they refused. Russian police later made a statement.

“Cases like this happen every day and there is nothing we can do about it.”

Many Thai celebrities and netizens offered their encouragement to Pim in the comments section, and many shared their experiences of losing property to thieves in the country

“I advise anyone not to transit in Russia. Terrible service, unfriendly people and unsafe atmosphere. I did it once and will never do it again.”

“I think this happens a lot. It must be the airline staff and I am sure there is more than one of them involved.”

“I faced the same thing. I tried everything to get it back but there was nothing I could do. The people in the country themselves told me that I had to give up. This is normal for their country. They said it themselves.”

“I was walking on the footpath in Russia in the morning, and someone tried to steal a camera lens that was attached to a camera that I was carrying. This person just pretended to be innocent, even though I caught him in the act. My camera lens fell to the ground and broke.”

Pim said she had to fly back to Thailand the following day and decided to drop the case. She did not get her property back and was disappointed with the Russian authorities and Aeroflot’s service.

“I am very sad. I really hope that the airline will take responsibility or offer more help. Very disappointed.”

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