Retired Banyan Tree Holdings Senior Executive Ravi Chandran champions positive social impact projects in Thailand

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Former CEO of Laguna Phuket, Ravi Chandran, has been busier than ever following his retirement after 25 years at Banyan Tree Holdings. Despite plans for a quiet retirement, the explosive growth in the hospitality and real estate sectors amid the aftermath of the Covid-19 pandemic, coupled with Chandran’s respected business reputation, have had him in high demand.

Now busy with a slew of different roles, Chandran reveals he has become the Special Project Manager for the Chandran Foundation, a charity established by his late father, Cpt. Chandran MBE OBE. The foundation focuses on the welfare of young people with a focus on education, nutrition, and family-related issues.

Chandran’s retirement from Banyan Tree Holdings came after a storied tenure. He expressed pride in the organisation’s central role in the “Phuket Sandbox” initiative to rekindle the Thai tourism industry. Following what he termed the ‘strange experience’ of not working, the ensuing six months were occupied with travel, exercise and time spent with loved ones, bringing considerable joy to his life.

However, retirement didn’t last long. Chandran became involved in the Urasaya Beachfront Residences, a high-end beach house development project at the little-known Sichon Beach. Deeming the beach as having significant potential, he is now working towards promoting more sustainable tourism in the area coinciding with a new international terminal at Nakhorn Si Thammarat Airport.

Beyond Sichon Beach, Chandran is also involved with Amora Hotels & Resorts. A family-run hotel group operating six properties across Thailand and Australia, Amora Hotels & Resorts has sought Chandran’s help with their transition from a traditional hotel group to a modern hospitality company, with expansion plans in both countries.

Chandran also serves as an advisor on a substantial wellness-focused real estate project, Gardens of Eden. With 70% of the total area retained as green space, this nature-blended luxurious concept is expected to set a new benchmark for large-scale developments within Phuket.

Chandran closed with an optimistic note about future projects and making a positive change in society while also valuing time with his family.

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