Termite mound sparks lottery frenzy in Udon Thani

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A termite mound resembling a dog’s face has intrigued locals in Udon Thani, sparking a wave of lottery number predictions. The homeowner, who discovered the unusual mound behind their house, has linked the phenomenon to a beloved pet dog buried in the same spot years ago.

At the residence located at number 81, Moo 14, Nong Mek Subdistrict, Nong Han District, Udon Thani Province, the homeowner reported finding a termite mound that strikingly resembled a small dog. Unsure of the cause, the homeowner, who enjoys gambling, lit incense sticks to seek lucky numbers.

The numbers revealed were 098 and 890. Additionally, other numbers, 53, 35, 57, and 75, were spotted on the mound near what appeared to be the dog’s face.

The homeowner shared that several years ago, their beloved dog died and was buried in the area where the mound now stands. They believe that the spirit of the dog might be offering them luck. The homeowner plans to use these numbers in the upcoming lottery draw tomorrow.

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“This could be the spirit of my beloved dog giving me luck. It’s a personal belief and cannot be imposed on others.”

The occurrence has attracted the attention of neighbours and passersby, who have also come to see the peculiar termite mound. Some have taken photos, hoping to find their lucky numbers. Despite the excitement, the homeowner emphasised that such beliefs are personal and should be respected.

The mound, which has become a local curiosity, has sparked a mix of fascination and hope among those who have visited, reported KhaoSod.

In related news, a village in Nakhon Phanom is abuzz with speculation after reports emerged of a woman allegedly winning a massive lottery prize of 90 million baht, but despite the claims circulating online, villagers and relatives remain sceptical about the validity of the story.

The story was posted online yesterday, June 25, about a lottery winner who discovered that she had won the first prize in the lottery after her son rummaged through her bag to steal money, only to find five lottery tickets worth 30 million baht each.

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