Teenager dies in motorbike crash with broken-down timber truck

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A tragic accident unfolded in Phattalung last night as a teenager, riding his motorbike, fatally crashed into a broken-down, unregistered timber truck parked on the roadside. The young man’s father arrived at the scene, collapsed and heartbroken.

Officers from Thamod Police Station in Phatthalung received a report of a fatal accident around 11pm yesterday, July 7. The incident took place on the Pa Bon-Kong Ra Road in Moo 3, Khlong Yai subdistrict, Thamod district. The collision involved a motorcycle and a rubberwood truck.

Upon arriving at the scene, the police and rescue personnel discovered the body of the 18 year old teenager, Suttirak Charoensuk, lying by the roadside. Nearby, his blue Honda motorcycle was found in a severely damaged state.

Close to the motorcycle, an old and unregistered pickup truck filled with rubberwood was parked on the road, apparently broken down before the accident occurred. The truck had been modified with a cage to carry the timber.

Following the accident, police detained the driver of the timber truck for further questioning at the Thamod Police Station. The scene was marked by profound grief from the victim’s family members. Suttirak’s father, upon hearing the news of his son’s accident, rushed to the scene.

Initial police investigations revealed that the timber truck had broken down on a poorly lit section of the road. The area’s dim lighting conditions may have caused Suttirak to fail to notice the stationary truck in time, leading to the fatal collision.

Suttirak’s motorcycle reportedly crashed into the truck with significant force, causing him to be thrown from his vehicle and resulting in his immediate death at the scene, reported KhaoSod.

The family’s anguish was palpable at the scene, with Suttirak’s father unable to contain his sorrow. The accident has raised concerns about road safety and the condition of vehicles on the road. The absence of proper lighting and the presence of an unregistered and old vehicle may have contributed to the tragic event.

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