Teenage gang’s reign of terror over East Pattaya neighbourhood

Photo courtesy of Pattaya Mail

A gang of teenagers wreaked havoc in a quiet neighbourhood on Soi Huay Yai 15 in East Pattaya with their disruptive antics lasting three consecutive nights.

The gang, captured on CCTV cameras, was seen riding more than 10 motorcycles and unleashing a barrage of disruptive activities, including hurling firecrackers and explosive bottles, creating deafening disturbances that reverberated throughout the area.

CCTV footage revealed five loud explosions on February 4, followed by six more on February 5. The recordings also depicted flashes of light emanating from the bottle explosions, highlighting the extent of the chaos they caused.

A single-story house bore the brunt of the gang’s destructive spree, with soil marks from makeshift grenades and scorch marks on the walls. Two non-functional explosive devices, tightly wrapped with electrical tape, were discovered, along with fragments of exploded bottle bombs scattered on the road. The tenant, Jeab, reported extensive damage to her property, including clothes and blankets catching fire on the fence.

Another resident, Em, divulged that his home, located approximately 1 kilometre from the scene, was also targeted by the unruly gang for three consecutive nights. He suspected that the group targeted his house in a bid to intimidate his younger brothers, reported Pattaya Mail.

Local authorities are probing the incidents and suspect that the teenage gang’s disruptive behaviour may be linked to a rivalry with another group in the area.

In related news, a 14 year old schoolboy, recently detained at a juvenile detention centre, stands accused of premeditated murder and public possession of a weapon. This follows a tragic incident that occurred last Monday, January 29 at a school in the Suan Luang district, where he allegedly stabbed and killed another student. Awaiting judgment, the teenager remains under the jurisdiction of the Central Juvenile and Family Court.

Upon admission to the Juvenile Observation and Protection Centre on the afternoon of the following day, the boy’s parents refrained from filing a petition for his temporary release.

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