Teenager detained for premeditated murder in Suan Luang school

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A 14 year old schoolboy, recently detained at a juvenile detention centre, stands accused of premeditated murder and public possession of a weapon. This follows a tragic incident that occurred on Monday at a school in the Suan Luang district, where he allegedly stabbed and killed another student. Awaiting judgment, the teenager remains under the jurisdiction of the Central Juvenile and Family Court.

Upon admission to the Juvenile Observation and Protection Centre on Tuesday afternoon, the boy’s parents refrained from filing a petition for his temporary release. The subsequent police investigation uncovered that the suspect had entered the school premises armed with a three-inch knife. He reportedly followed the victim into a restroom, patiently waiting for his exit before launching the deadly assault.

The victim, despite his wounds, managed to escape the initial onslaught. The chase continued onto the school’s sports ground where brave students intervened, wrestling the attacker to the ground and disarming him. Tragically, the victim’s injuries were severe, and he was later pronounced dead at a nearby hospital.

Following his arrest, the young perpetrator faced questioning, resulting in charges of premeditated murder and unjustified public possession of a knife. During interrogation, he revealed a history of bullying by the victim, which allegedly spanned two weeks. The bullying incidents involved physical abuse and the extortion of money for cigarette purchases, as revealed by Police Colonel Wachirakon Wongbun, chief of Klong Tan police station.

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In response to this tragic event, the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration issued directives for schools to enhance their security measures. The focus is on stringent screenings of both students and visitors, with particular attention to the detection of weapons and narcotics, as stated by Supakrit Boonkan, a deputy Bangkok clerk.

The ripple effects of Monday’s incident have been significant, with Public Health Minister Cholnan Srikaew reporting that 55 students and 12 teachers are grappling with elevated stress levels due to the traumatic event, reported Bangkok Post.

In related news, in a tragic incident on January 29, a Grade 8 student in Bangkok’s Suan Luang district was fatally stabbed by a classmate following a reported bullying episode. Read more about the tragic school stabbing incident.

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