Teenage gang arrested for impersonating officials and extortion

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A teenage gang in Bueng Kan has been arrested for impersonating officials, carrying firearms, and extorting money from individuals. The victims were lured into giving money through threats and intimidation but an undercover police operation led to their capture.

Provincial Governor Sompop Samitasiri and police officials yesterday held a press conference announcing the arrest of three suspects, which were as 20 year old Chanintorn Satyuchon, 22 year old Yosaphon Phangduang, and a 17 year old teenager referred to as A.

They were apprehended with several items, including 20,000 baht in cash, a .38 revolver, a 9mm magazine gun, six bullets, a steel baton, a government-issued badge, a brown combat uniform, a motorcycle, and six mobile phones.

The police investigation revealed that the teenage gang had been purchasing uniforms resembling those of government officials and using motorcycles to patrol various areas.

On June 17 at around 11pm, they encountered a man sitting by the roadside in Ban Chomphu Phon, Rattanawapi District. Posing as officers, they demanded to search him and found a small quantity of methamphetamine.

Teenage gang arrested for impersonating officials and extortion
Picture of gang extortion courtesy of KhaoSod

The suspects threatened to arrest him but offered to let him go if he paid 20,000 baht within one day. The frightened victim agreed but requested time to gather the money, setting a handover date for the next day.

The victim reported the incident to Rattanawapi Police, who then devised a plan to apprehend the gang. The suspects were caught at a hut on the outskirts of Ban Chomphu Phon, along with the incriminating evidence.

During the investigation, the teenage gang members confessed to committing similar crimes on three previous occasions. In late April, they posed as officials to stop motorcycles and extort money from individuals in Bueng Kan’s Muang District.

Each time, Yosaphon would dress in administrative attire, wear an official badge, and carry a firearm, using his mobile phone to display the badge and assert his authority. The victims, believing them to be genuine officials, would comply with their demands out of fear.

The suspects face multiple charges, including impersonating officials, extortion, illegal possession of firearms and ammunition, and carrying firearms in public without a valid reason, reported KhaoSod.

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