Health tourism: Phuket’s new wellness haven

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To bolster health tourism, BDMS Wellness Clinic teamed up with Bangkok Hospital Phuket and Laguna Phuket to unveil the BDMS Wellness Clinic Laguna Phuket. This new branch aims to solidify BDMS Wellness Clinic’s dominance in creating a wellness economic corridor in the Andaman region.

The government’s 2022 announcement of the Andaman Wellness Economic Corridor project set the stage for this ambitious expansion.

Dr Tanupol Virunhagarun, CEO of BDMS Wellness Clinic stated that the clinic’s goal is to align with the government’s vision to establish Thailand as an international medical hub by 2026.

“In 2019, Thailand’s medical tourism market was valued at a staggering US$17 billion, placing us 7th globally. Despite the pandemic’s impact, we’ve seen a 36% recovery rate from 2020 to 2022. The new clinic in Laguna Phuket underscores our commitment to the Andaman region.”

This expansion coincides with the introduction of a new Medical Treatment Visa, valid for one year, catering to foreign tourists seeking health and medical care.

“Phuket offers a serene environment for relaxation and recovery, and our clinic specialises in top-tier preventive healthcare and personalised wellness programmes.”

Ho Kwon Ping, Chairman of Banyan Tree Holdings & Laguna Resorts & Hotels, highlighted Phuket’s immense potential as a wellness destination.

“Our partnership aims to deliver luxurious wellness services, attracting global tourists and significantly boosting the local economy. We envision Phuket as a leading global wellness hub, combining world-class tourism facilities with BDMS Wellness Clinic’s innovative wellness programmes.”

Dr Narintara Boonjongcharoen, Deputy CEO of BDMS Group 6, emphasised their mission to enhance preventive and rejuvenating services.

“The BDMS Wellness Clinic Laguna Phuket will serve tourists and the local community, ensuring comprehensive wellness coverage across Phuket and the Andaman region.”

The clinic will offer a range of wellness services, including yoga and meditation retreats, traditional Thai healing practices, fitness programmes, nutritional counselling, and spa treatments using locally sourced ingredients. Preventive check-ups, vitamin therapy, hormone screening, and facial treatments will also be available, blending Thai hospitality with advanced medical science.

This collaboration is expected to make a significant economic impact by attracting high-spending wellness tourists, creating job opportunities, and promoting sustainable practices, reported Bangkok Post.

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