Teen dies, two injured in Songkhla knife attack leading to crash

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A 15 year old boy riding with two friends was attacked by three 14 year olds armed with knives, resulting in a crash that left one dead and two seriously injured. Police are coordinating with the guardians for the suspects to surrender.

Investigators at Hat Yai Police Station, Songkhla province, led by Phum Balthip and Dusit Phromsin detained three 14 year old boys along with their guardians yesterday, July 3 at 5pm. Their motorcycles were also seized for examination.

Police coordinated with multidisciplinary teams to conduct interrogations after the suspects allegedly attacked another group with knives while riding motorcycles, causing them to lose control and crash into a utility pole. The incident resulted in one death and two injuries.

The incident occurred at 1am on Tuesday, July 2, when Arufat Bin Yuso, a deputy inspector at Hat Yai Police Station, received a report of a motorcycle accident. The accident occurred on Thaksin Mueang Thong 3 Road, Hat Yai district, Songkhla province. Emergency responders, including doctors and the Mitraphap Samakee Hat Yai rescue unit, were immediately dispatched to the scene.

At the site of the accident, they found the body of a 15 year old boy. Nearby, a 14 year old girl and a 13 year old boy were injured. A severely damaged black Honda Wave motorcycle with the license plate 1 กฒ 3492 Songkhla was also found. The injured were rushed to Hat Yai Hospital for treatment.

According to an interview with the injured boy, the group of six friends was riding two motorcycles when they encountered three teenagers who began chasing them with a large knife. The group tried to escape by riding against traffic but were pursued for 15 kilometres. The chase ended when the victims lost control and crashed into a utility pole. The injured boy could not recall anything further after the crash.

Suspects seized

Police reviewed CCTV footage along the chase route to identify the suspects. They then coordinated with the guardians to bring the suspects in for questioning and seized the motorcycle involved, which had undergone modifications such as a changed wheel and licence plate, reported KhaoSod.

The three suspects claimed they were riding from a petrol station when they were overtaken aggressively and stared down by the victims. They insisted they panicked and did not use the knife. The suspects expressed regret.

“We are truly sorry, but it’s too late to change anything now.”

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