Teacher grants funding to 10 year old boy who missed school to help grandmother

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A heartbreaking story has surfaced about a 10 year old boy who diligently works to support his family. Despite being the mainstay for his grandmother, he often has to miss classes to sell garlands in order to make a living.

The boy, Guitar (nickname), missed so much school that he kept having to repeat his year and is currently still studying in his second year of primary school.

Wanwisak Dinchan or Teacher Duean, who is a Thai language teacher at Ban Nonthan School, Mueang Khon Kaen District, Khon Kaen Province, has a TikTok account named kruduen24. She posted a video and shared Guitar’s story.

“This is a child who has to work hard to sell garlands. He missed school often.”

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The teacher couldn’t stop her tears when she learnt of the boy’s plight. She drives by Guitar’s house often and looks after him for a very long period of time. Teacher Duean appealed to others to help the child.

“The boy works hard to earn a living. Anyone passing by, please help support him and his grandma.”

Although Guitar is not a student of Teacher Duean at the school, the teacher often passes by the Ban Phai red light intersection in the Ban Phai District of Khon Kaen Province, so she regularly sees the boy selling garlands.

Teacher Duean came to know that Guitar missed class often to sell garlands to earn money to help his grandma who is suffering from a range of illnesses, including diabetes, high blood pressure, an enlarged heart, and bone degeneration. Teacher Duean intends to use her own money to provide a scholarship and fund Guitar’s education so that the child could go to school and study in the long term, reported Channel 7 News.

While Teacher Duean was talking with Guitar and Grandma, the boy suddenly burst into tears as he was tired of selling garlands every day until all the garlands were sold. Teacher Duean could hardly hold back her tears.

Through her tears, the teacher said she admired Guitar’s talent, diligence, and gratitude, saying that now she had given him funding, Guitar must promise her that he would go to school and study.

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