Teacher blames stress over dog killing for slapping student

A teacher in the northeastern Buriram province has reportedly blamed slapping a student on being stressed after killing a dog accidentally with his car. The teacher, who works at a famous school in the province, allegedly slapped Fuse, a grade 8 student, after he found him waiting to go on stage to sing for retired teachers. Fuse was reportedly confused about why the teacher slapped him as the teacher didn’t seem to know why the student was on stage.

“Why are you here, who let you come here, go back home.”

A fellow teacher saw the incident and told Fuse it was okay for him to go home for the day in which Fuse then reported his experience to his grandmother and aunt. The following day, the grandmother met with the school’s principal where it was promised that the problem would be addressed. As they were leaving the meeting, the teacher’s wife, who is also a teacher, talked to Fuse and his grandmother.

“Don’t be mad at the male teacher, he is stressed after accidentally driving into their dog at home. The teacher is also getting older.”

However, the teacher reportedly still has not contacted the family to apologise, leaving Fuse’s grandmother wanting to know why and for her grandson to receive an apology. The incident, which occurred on September 30, is the latest to be publicised after a recent string of incidents have been reported around the country, including a female teacher in Nonthaburi who was seen on CCTV pushing down a kindergarten student during class and dragging him around on the floor.

SOURCE: Thai Residents

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