Taiwanese celebrity shares her ’10pm rule’ for marital bliss

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A celebrity artist from Taiwan, Li Qianrong, has successfully nurtured a 27 year relationship with her husband, which includes 20 years of marriage. The couple, who dated for seven years before tying the knot, has maintained a robust and loving bond over this considerable period.

Yesterday, Li shared insights into the secret of their enduring relationship, revealing the importance of what she calls the “10pm rule.” She attributes the stability of her marriage to this simple principle: no business talk or stressful conversations after 10pm. Li believes that this rule significantly benefits marital relationships by providing a peaceful time in the evening for both partners to unwind.

Li emphasised that 10pm is a time when people should be winding down after a long day of work and stress. She suggests that it’s best to clear the mind and relax before bedtime. After 10pm, she advises couples to avoid heavy topics such as family financial status, children’s health, or education, as these can lead to misunderstandings or arguments during a time when both the mind and body are tired.

In her recommendations, Li goes on to say that after 10pm, couples should focus on resting together, be it through reading a good book, watching a light-hearted comedy, or enjoying a romantic film. She stresses that both spouses should feel relaxed, unburdened, and happy. According to her, it is only with this mindset that one can achieve peaceful and restful sleep.

Regarding significant family matters, Li suggests they be scheduled for discussion at a more appropriate time when both parties are mentally prepared and can better control their emotions during the conversation. This approach allows for a more rational and composed exchange, ensuring that important family decisions are made thoughtfully.

Li’s advice resonates with many who struggle to find balance and peace in their relationships amidst the pressures of modern life. Her “10pm rule” serves as a reminder that setting boundaries can be a powerful tool in maintaining healthy and loving partnerships,reported Sanook.

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