Survey reveals Thailand tourists spending habits and preferences

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Teerasil Tapen, the deputy governor for digital R&D at the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT), unveiled startling statistics from an agency survey of 30,054 tourists last year.

The findings revealed a surge in individual travellers’ spending, with an average expenditure of 50,900 baht per trip, marking an increase from pre-pandemic figures, said Teerasil.

“Accommodation expenses surged to 23,518 baht per trip, with tourists favouring luxury hotels and resorts following escalated airfares.”

Furthermore, there was a notable shift in dining preferences, with street food becoming the go-to choice for 77.3% of tourists, leading to a decline in expenditure on fine dining.

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“We noticed a craving for street food, as tourists sought authentic local experiences, while fine dining popularity waned.”

In addition to culinary preferences, the culture of café hopping witnessed a remarkable rise, in tandem with the global surge in coffee consumption.

Highlighting expenditure patterns across nationalities, tourists from the Middle East emerged as the highest spenders, followed by visitors from Oceania, the US, and Europe.

Teerasil also shed light on the evolving landscape of travel bookings, with 53.7% of individual travellers opting for online bookings, while a significant portion still preferred traditional travel agents.

As TAT gears up for the future, the digital department has requested a substantial budget, intending to leverage social media platforms to target tourists directly, reported Bangkok Post.

“TikTok has emerged as a powerhouse, with a staggering 97.2% growth, capturing the imagination of travellers worldwide.”

With an expansive reach across various social media platforms, TAT aims to collaborate with influencers to showcase Thailand’s diverse destinations and activities, captivating new audiences with captivating short reels and stories.

In related news, South Korean rapper and YouTuber, Il Hong Min, commonly known as Phi Hong, recently aired his dissatisfaction with a tuk tuk service encountered during his visit to Ayutthaya.

In a video shared on his Oppa Hong channel, he revealed that he was charged 1,200 baht for a four-hour tour, a service he claimed was forcefully sold to him and his friend by the 59 year old tuk tuk driver, Somjit Tharangam.

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