OR’s SDG policy fuels Thailand’s sustainable economic growth

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PTT Oil and Retail Business (OR) has adopted a Small-Diversified-Green (SDG) policy, aiming to stimulate Thailand’s economic growth through sustainable practices. This move aligns with the country’s broader strategy of reducing carbon footprints by 2030. The SDG policy focuses on empowering small communities as key drivers of economic recovery, particularly in the tourism sector tipped to fuel the national GDP by 2024.

OR’s SDG policy, implemented since 2018, has been instrumental in improving life quality among the less privileged and small communities. One of their flagship initiatives is the Café Amazon coffee shop chain, which has grown to over 4,100 domestic outlets by 2023, providing income and raising environmental awareness.

In a bid to support sustainable agriculture, OR, in collaboration with the Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives, has been promoting sustainable coffee planting since January 2024. The project aims to enhance knowledge and skills in growing premium quality coffee and other agro plants, promising stable income and increased efficiency for farmers.

OR’s executive board members, including CEO Disathat Panyarachun and Chintapun Dansubutra, Independent Director, visited potential cultivation sites in Thailand’s northern region. They identified Nan province, particularly the villages of Ban Pangyang and Ban Khun Goon in Pua District, as suitable for sustainable coffee farming.

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Many farmers in these villages have been struggling due to a lack of market demand and inadequate knowledge about coffee cultivation. However, OR’s initiatives, launched in September 2023, have revolutionised coffee farming in these areas, providing the necessary support and facilitating a stable income for the farmers.

In addition to farming practices, OR has also been promoting environmental awareness, particularly through its Yak Lak Yim campaign, which encourages waste separation and recycling. Schools, including the Daroonwittaya Tedsaban Mueang Nan (Bansuantan) School, have been championing these green practices.

As part of its mission to improve lives, OR has donated educational equipment and daily groceries to Pangyang School. This support aims to provide equal learning opportunities to all 59 students and opens up future career opportunities in various sectors, reported Bangkok Post.

OR’s commitment to the SDG policy is a testament to their belief in the potential of small communities to drive economic success and achieve the Net Zero goal by 2054. The company remains dedicated to fostering a low-carbon society and enhancing income growth.

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