Surin temple’s Buddha statue event sparks lottery buzz

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A revered wooden Buddha statue’s head-raising ceremony at Nong Khu Pattana Temple in Surin province has become the talk of the town, as the auspicious numbers divined in the ritual matched the age of the temple’s abbot.

The event yesterday drew a large crowd of devotees and lottery enthusiasts eager to witness the traditional ceremony and perhaps gain insight into lucky numbers for the upcoming lottery draw.

The ceremony was part of a larger project to create a 6.69-metre-tall and 4.30-metre-wide meditation posture Buddha statue, carved from a single teak log. This statue, once completed, is set to preside over the temple’s main hall. The intricate work, requiring painstaking detail, is currently 20% completed, with completion expected by the end of the year.

The extended timeline for the statue’s creation is due to the meticulous work of a sole craftsman, assisted by the temple’s monastic community. Devotees interested in contributing to the project can make donations through Kasikornbank’s Sangkha branch, account number 662-2-52659-1, under the name of Nong Khu Pattana Temple, or inquire further by calling 063-750-8686. Updates on the progress of the statue’s construction can be followed on the temple’s Facebook page.

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During the auspicious ceremony, incense sticks were lit to divine mystical numbers, a common practice among the local community seeking good fortune. The number 667, which appeared, coincidentally reflected the age of the temple’s abbot, Phra Palad Sri, who recently turned 76 years old.

Phra Palad Sri, known for his developmental and compassionate work within the temple and the broader community, has been instrumental in supporting the disadvantaged, including the sick, disabled, and those in need of housing repairs.

Abbot’s recognition

The abbot, who has just been honoured with the ecclesiastical title of Phra Khru Panya Pipat Koon, will be formally celebrating this recognition on May 19. Under his leadership, the temple has become a centre for community support, regularly distributing essential goods to the needy—a testament to his commitment to the welfare of his followers, reported Sanook.

For those inspired to contribute to the temple’s initiatives, whether it be the construction of the Buddha statue, the main hall, or aiding the underprivileged, the temple’s contact details are available for further information.

The Nong Khu Pattana Temple, located in Ban Nong Khu Pattana, Moo 13, Khon Taek subdistrict, Sangkha district, Surin province, continues to be a beacon of spiritual guidance and social assistance in the region.

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