Strimmer catastrophe: Thai man slices off penis while cutting grass

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A Thai man tragically died after cutting off his penis with a grass strimmer at a forest park in the Isaan province of Nong Bua Lamphu. The strimmer blade snapped and accidentally sliced his penis and groin area causing a severe loss of blood.

Officers from Mueang Nong Bua Lamphu Police Station dashed to the forest park yesterday, June 28, and discovered the lifeless body of 39 year old Praditsin Chuypad. Praditsin’s pants and legs were soaked in blood. Nearby the body a strimmer was located next to a broken metal cutting blade.

The rescue team then removed Praditsin’s pants to assess the cause of his demise. Praditsin’s genitals were reported to be cut. A deep wound was also discovered in his left groin. The severity of the injury had affected his arteries, leading to significant blood loss and his death.

The police later discovered a part of the breaking blade which was covered with blood. They predicted that the blade was broken after it directly hit Praditsin.

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Moreover, the blade is specifically used for cutting metal, not strimming grass.

The forest park’s caretaker, 72 year old Waen Visetsakda, informed an officer that Praditsin was hired by the forest park’s owner to clear the grassy areas. He started working on June 26 and was charged with completing the work on the day of the incident.

Waen disclosed that Praditsin had opted to use a larger metal cutting blade instead of a standard one for the strimmer, believing he would finish his work quickly. Waen attempted to seek help for Praditsin but assistance could not reach him in time.

Praditsin’s uncle, 56 year old Narongsak Laketago, told ThaiRath that Praditsin specialised in strimmer use because he was familiar with it since childhood. Naronsak said he warned Praditsin several times about using metal cutting blades but his warnings were ignored.

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